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Easiest way to Book a hunt is call us: 509-545-8000
Office hours are limited, but if you leave a message we will get back to you. Shorter hours and days off season.

We are not selling just a hunt, but an quality outdoor experience, which presents opportunities to harvest waterfowl while enjoying the pristine, refreshing setting in the outdoors. Be part of the experience.
Burbank's quality reputation is derived from pleasant, trained guides who escort the hunters on a safe experience, while maintaining a efficient business model to sustain the hunting quality and the habitat.

How? By by putting the same effort into every hunt and by following proven bird management techniques. One technique is to limit the flock size that can be shot at; if the flock is too large the guide will wait till a smaller group approaches. Of course, it must be understood that hunting is a sport with no guarantees, due the challenges of mother nature, but many have positively commented on Burbank's consistent hunting and how easy we make it look, while in reality our expertise and 40+years experience is the reason!

OR: via email
Email Booking is a 2 step process.

New online booking process, with secure payment processing.
1. Check to make sure the date is available before payment.
It is impossible to maintain an up to date calendar online.

Hunt Date Inquiry
option 1
Call the office number: 509-545-8000.
The office is staffed week days from 10 AM to 5 PM PST.
Shorter schedule during off-season.
Hunt Date Inquiry
option 2,
via internet
Via the internet, online.
Please complete and submit the online hunt inquiry date form. 
We will respond with the availability.
Or Email us directly

After inquiry response, you will have 48 hours to complete the payment portion. After 48 hours the seats will become available for sale again.

2.  Payment for hunt.
After email or phone verification of your chosen hunt date(s), then proceed to payment.

This can be done online, or by calling the office at the number above.
Remember: No credit charges will be processed if the date(s) is not available.

50 % deposit
You have received notification of date availability, continue to the payment page. Make the minimum 50% deposit to confirm seats and initiate the confirmation.
Pay in Full Pay for in full and have no more paper work, except to sign a Liability Waiver before the hunt, since hunting is a sport with risks and danger, to release Burbank, its agents, land owners, etc. of all and any liability.

After online payment and immediate email response from shopping cart will be sent, to confirm the pending transaction.

Burbank's office will also receive notification of your pending online transaction, and verify the availability/information before any CC charges are processed.

If the date(s) is not available no charges will be processed.
If all is OK, card will be charged, email (or mail) a CC receipt and confirmation information plus-

Confirmation info includes meeting times, places to stay, Rules of the Hunt, balance due before hunt (if any), etc.

Please review our cancellation policy. Cancellation Link
Our demand exceeds our availability, and since we do not 'overbook
like the airlines', the opportunity of re-selling the seats is not possible without 30+ days advance. There are few last minute hunters.

If you have further questions and the FAQ's do not answer them, please give the office a call.

Time is short
If you want to pay with a check and there is not enough time to mail a check, you can do a credit card hold; however you must sign and authorize a credit card charge (supply all information) and if for any reason you do not show up or send a substitute for the dates/seats purchased/held, then the credit card will be charged.
Once the seats are reserved/sold, we can not resell the seats and all monies become due and payable before the hunt!

Hunt date is reserved, deposit is what?
1. Always 'Check IN". Call the business day before the hunt. See info below.
2. Sign the Liability Release Contract before hunt.

Greeters meet your before the hunt with contracts. Link to contract

CALL Right before the HUNT Reminder!

phone keysMake sure you
CALL the office the business day before the hunt
                   or before the holiday.

Please convey the booking contact name, your hotel, the name the room(s) are booked under (sometimes different from the booking name) and a contact cell phone.

Reason: Circumstances change and we may need to contact you.
The meeting time or place may change after the guides scout the night before your hunt.
Therefore we need your information to be able to convey a message to you.

This occurs rarely, but when it does we need to get in touch with you
Most hunters are in transit, therefore we need a place to leave the updated information.

Therefore Burbank will call your cell or your hotel and leave a message.

Upon hotel arrival, always check your hotel front desk for messages, just incase we have left you a message.

  509-545-8000 (8am-5pm PST) Business Office or
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