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Web site: www.burbankgoose.com
Address; 370 Mc Nary Ridge Road,
                Burbank, Wa. 99301
Country: USA
Phone: 509-545-8000 Fax 509-546-2001

Contacts: Paul Sullivan, PH.
      Owner and Head Guide.
      Suzanne Sullivan, co-owner,
      marketing and sales.

Business Type: Washington State LLC Years of service: Professionally for a fee since 1977, however Paul has been guiding prior to that, and hunting since he was 8 years old. 90%+ repeat business.

Specialty: Geese & Greenheads.
     Originally Burbank just specialized in Canadian Geese; however after Paul developed his ponds, the Mallard hunting/harvest is up to the goose level. Burbank is one of Washington's best kept secrets. Because of our success, we have not had to advertise out of state or run big add, instead we spend our time and energy to give the best hunts possible. Take some home quality birds, which are the great eating, because they feed on corn and wheat fields, etc. The hunters bring back their friends because of the professional trained guides, quality‘set ups’ and attention to detail which provides consistent opportunities. Paul manages his private properties all season long to provide ‘Fields that Yield’.
      Our goal is to provide fun outdoor adventures, where safety and quality are important. The guides love sharing the triumph of bagging birds with first time hunters, or seasoned hunters who get just as excited as the young hunters. Many clients who have litterly hunted literally around the world, have commented that they found "World Class Hunting" at Burbank Guide Service. Therefore there is no need to look elsewhere for true ‘World Class Hunting’. Why go so far, when Burbank is as good as it gets?

      BGS features ‘World Class Waterfowl Hunts’, with limits of 7 Greenheads and 4 Canadian Honkers. Experience hunting over the finest decoys and set ups. Burbank is nestled in SE corner of Washington State. This rural community is just east of Pasco, which is also know as the Tri-Cites (Richland, Kennewick & Pasco).Our hunting properties are surrounded by 5 refuges which create a huge staging grounds for waterfowl. The big boys, Canadian Honkers, live in the Columbia Basin which is the ultimate trophy bird along with a lot of fat greenheads.
      In November the migratory birds follow the mighty rivers to Burbank, which is at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake River.
The naturally carved waterways, from the rivers, funnel the birds to our area and the many refuges and teh abundant agriculture fields keeps ‘em here all season long.
      Burbank is located 500 miles inland and approx. 500 feet above sea level. This provides a moderate winter climate with broken river water all season long, which also provides a long growing season for the fields of prime food crops.The waterways bring them and the many refuges and fooed keeps 'em. The Tri-Cites enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year.
Burbank usually gets a limited amount of snow, with winter day temperatures averaging around freezing mid winter.

Multiple airlines service Pasco (just 10 minutes from Burbank) from Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City (Alaska/ Horizon, Delta and United Airlines). Drive time from Seattle or Portland is 3 ½ hrs and from Spokane is 2 ½ hours. In the winter Spokane requires less time and requires not traversing mountain passes or along icy roads along rivers.
Goose Notes:
     We bag 7 different subspecies of geese in our flyway, including the ‘Great Columbia Basin  Honker’.  Paul has been called the "Waterfowl Master", “Goose Guru”, etc., since he is so knowledgeable on waterfowl  habits-his passion for over 30 years. His formal education is as an Aeronautical Engineer. He has transferred his love of flight to the love of waterfowl. By paying great attention to details, he knows how to get geese and ducks ‘backwinging™’ in at close range. No pass shooting, which can cripple birds. Easy shooting pits/blinds along with quality decoys are essential; plus having the right proven private fields, proven guides (who are expert callers) and years of experience. Yes the weather 'bests us' once in a while, but not very often!
Duck Notes:
     The Mallard hunting is at “Paul’s Ponds- Green Heads only", or on the river! The Burbank area holds a lot of Green Heads. To assist in maintaining our bird population there is a $ 5 bounty (volunteer donation) put on each hen bagged, which is then donated annually to a waterfowl  conservation group, such as Ducks Unlimited or Washington State Waterfowl  Association. The last couple of years, we have been able to provide continual limits or opportunities of greenheads up to the last day of the season. Our bag limit has been 7 greenheads!
      Expect only the finest equipment and the best set ups available! Each year Paul and the guides work at refining the hunt and the equipment. Burbank is the proving ground for sister company, Aero Outdoors. Hunt with Aero's New DropZone Elite Goose Decoys, Full Curl Duck Decoys, Maximus Blinds Deadly Duck Blinds (which offer comfortable shooting from sitting position) and custom pit blinds for geese. More information on the products can be found at, www.AeroOutdoors.com . Paul ensures all products are 'targeted for success' for all hunters. However Paul does not hesitate to share that when he adds new products, he can see the increases success each year . Some of the guides are hesitant at first to try some new products, but it does not take long for them to make sure they have them in their set up. Their input is important to Aero's success. That is why one head position on the new Full Curl Hen, was changed. The Paul and the guides said it needed to be improved upon.
Paul Sullivan, owner and chief guide, has bee outfitting hunters for over 30 years. He has an engineering background which has taught him to analyze all facets of the hunt. Wanting only the very best has led him to developing his own farms and equipment. Having the very best tools assist in making the outdoor experience enjoyable and successful. He has designed the DropZone Goose Decoys, Full Curl Duck Decoys and Maximus Blinds at the sister company, AeroOutdoors.com. He and his guides continually remodel and update the ‘setup ups’ (quality blinds and pits). Paul’s passion for waterfowl hunting led him to become a farmer, as well as a business man and landowner. Having control of the land enables Paul to have greater consistency, to offer quality hunts all season long. Paul’s expertise and friendly, professional operation has led Burbank Guide Service to be in many videos from major waterfowl supplies. Ducks Unlimited is featuring him on a couple TV shows during the 05/06 season.

The Hunt:
All fields are scouted daily. Blinds are strategically located in ‘hot spots’ and designed to hold 5 hunters, plus the guide in the center. Safety is imperative, therefore refer to the ‘hunt rules’ and listen to the guides daily briefing. All fields are located in the traffic patterns between feeding and resting, or at those spots. Goose hunting starts with meeting the guide 1-1 1/2 hour before shooting time. They are taken to one of 12+ permanent pits in Burbank or 4 portable Maximus Honker above ground blinds, a spread of 2-4 dozen of DropZone Decoys and expert caller to finish the deal. Duck hunts start at 8-9 with meeting the guide, then out to the private lakes or rivers, with limits of Greenheads being the rule. Comfortable hunting will be in a ‘Deadly Duck’ Maximus Blind, in comfortable director’s chairs over the new Full Curl Duck Decoys.
Meals and lodging:
Multiple major hotels are only 10 miles from hunting areas. Pasco airport has rental cars and 2 major hotels adjacent. Other hotels are 20 minutes away, and some are adjacent to the shopping mall to entertain ‘non-shooters’. No meals are offered, except at a B & B in Burbank.
Hunt packages and rates: Daily hunt fee per person for Goose is $250 and Duck is $270, per day/hunter. 3 day affordable out of state licenses available. See web site for information.
Weekend hunts per person: Hunt ducks or geese, room and breakfast or brunch for "Call for current price", based on double occupancy. (Single surcharge.) 509-545-8000.

Licenses can be purchased on line, if done in advance or purchase from local stores upon arrival.
Sportsmans Warehouse is a hunters favorite.

3 Day out of state license for only approx. $65 for 3 days - clink for info.


Other Services:
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