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  Product Review - Binoculars


I have used the new Browning 8X32 sport optic binoculars (made by Bushnell) and found them to be the best and most versatile binoculars that I have ever used.  The optics are clear and crisp.  Even on a hazy rainy day, as I write this, the visibility is superior to any others I have used. Plus the adjustment knob is easy to turn and stays where I put it!! 

One of my favorite features is the design of the eye piece which allows me to wear my glasses, which further enhances the effectiveness. Others I have owned have not accommodated my glass, which decreases my vision when I have to remove my glasses. 

The other notable features are the wide, comfortable carry strap and the camo color will blend into any terrain. The soft, resilient camo coating will protect from the binocs when dropped. Plus this protective coating actually protrudes past the end of the lens on both ends for extra protection in rugged conditions. Also the lens protective covers hook on to the carrying strap, so that they don’t get lost. 

 These are now my binoculars of choice, with all the features mentioned above plus their non fogging and waterproof features.

These Browning Binoculars are one tough and rugged set of binoculars and would be a welcome addition for any hunter or outdoorsman!!

Paul Sullivan
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