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  New Product Review

Remington Arms New Product Review:

Remington has hunted with Burbank the last 3 years in a row.
The first 2 years they brought writers, and last year they brought headquarter's staff to test their new shot gun and shot, before putting them on the market.

Remington knew Burbank was the place to get lots of excellent shooting. "If you want to get birds, go to Burbank Goose", as they said. And they did get the needed testing for their great new products.

Problem: Yes there was.
We were very excited about the new products, but we had to hush our excitement, until the 'new' products were revealed at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, February 2006.

Well now we can talk about them, we want to let our customers know how amazing they are.

Remington's new shot gun and shot will make a difference in the field or over water.
They will truly enhance the hunting experience.

Make sure you add them to your hunting gear this year.

Shot: Wingmaster HD. Drop-Dead Better. Remington Site Link for more info
Heavy Density Waterfowl loads which are smoother, perfectly round shot pellets which are more aerodynamic than other lead alternatives.
They are uniform in pellet to pellet weight and are true to listed shot size.
Yes they shoot almost like the old lead and are deadly!

Another cool link from Remington: Shot Ballistic Checker

Gun: : The Model 105 CTi™ 12 gauge will stay and master in the field.
An amazing new design. No more ejected shells out of the pits.
The shells load from the bottom and eject from the bottom which means they will go right down into the pits.
New autoloader with 48% less recoil than competition and weights a mere 7 pounds.
Aircraft grade titanium receiver, lowers the weight.

Optimized gas operation available with a 26" or 28" barrel, this revolutionary 12-gauge also features a tournament-grade trigger, our super-durable, scratch-resistant TriNyte coating on the receiver; and ProBore™ choke tubes optimized for the overbored barrels. The barrel rib is crafted of carbon and aramid fibers for lightweight rigidity.
This amazing new autoloader is also the only shotgun to feature a “Double-Down” bottom feed and ejection mechanism. It’s truly ambidextrous and there’s no peripheral distraction from ejecting shells. Chambering a round is fast and slick with our TurboFeed™ loading system.
The Rate Reduction System is an oil-filled cylinder housed in the stock that absorbs shock and helps regulate bolt velocity. Whether you’re shooting light 2 3/4" loads or 3” magnums, cycling is rapid, consistent and reliable.

Also the new laser detail finishes off the new gun design. The design for this millennium
All of the features make this gun stand out and will be the choice for each hunt.
The others will become your back-up guns, and will not be needed.

Order your gun early, so you can be assured you get beat the rush and have it fit and tested for the field this fall.

Remington's new 105 CTi Gun

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