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Our Great Columbia Basin Honkers (Maximus) make impressive mounts.

Have you considered mounting various goose species or a Mallard?

Or a pair of ??

RedHead duck

        Make your memories last longer, by having your quality specimen prepared for your home or office.

        We have a taxidermy specialist you can meet you after the hunt, show you pictures and fulfill your desired pose.


We have seen Craig's work and he does a fantastic job. His mounts are very realistic, his turn around time is quick and he understands waterfowl! Understanding waterfowl is critical.

He has references and we already have happy customers who are satisfied with his excellent service and the quality of his work.

Just let us know if you may be interested in taking home a "trophy." We will try and make preliminary arrangement in advance.

Ceck out the pictures on his web site. Lewis Wildlife Art web site

If you need further information give Craig a call.

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Craig Lewis
544 E. Humorist Road
Burbank, Wa. 99323

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